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Dragon Unity Emblem by dracosaid
Dragon Unity Emblem
The Dragon Unity Emblem (Design by Me, Inspire by Sacred Geometry, help created by "The Owly Place")

Story on this Emblem.
I Believe Dragon are created to be a Force for Good, by the Divine, in the beginning.
Which Until some point in time a "Dark Entity" corrupted their true purpose and use it as force of evil.

There now exist a Negative Universe because of that.

This Emblem calls out to the dragons to be United Once more in Freedom, Truth and Justice, to help defeat the forces of evil.

Details on Metatron Cube

Metatron's Cube Contains five platonic solids there are


Each of this Platonic Solids also correspond to a specific  Element which are

Platonic solid         Elements
Tetrahedron   -      Fire
Icosadedron    -    Water
Octahedron    -      Air 
Cube                -     Earth
Dodecahedron -    Ether

Then Dragons are been assign a Element thus giving them their power and type

Platonic solid         Elements      Dragon type
Tetrahedron   -      Fire        -    Fire    Dragon
Icosadedron    -    Water     -    Water Dragon
Octahedron    -      Air          -    Wind  Dragon
Cube                -     Earth      -     Earth Dragon 
Dodecahedron -    Ether      -     Magical Dragon
In Divine We Protect by dracosaid
In Divine We Protect
Message to all dragon scatter accoss the multiverse that are still true to the divine code.

Is to time to unite with all of divine creation and kick Satan and it's archonic spawns ass back from whatever hell they craw out out from.

Done using
Metatron Cube
Dragon Symbol
and Photoshop editing


Here to appreciate your Art and empowering you with more motivation
I always been fascinated by the power of imagination, the ability to create something so wonderful like a master piece of art right out of thin air.

Talking about art:
I read this once somewhere on the internet, "A Book is magic portal to another dimension".

Then it got me wondering if this is true, then a piece of art when drawn during the right condition of an artist's mind, is actually a depiction of a particular event, place or a character that he/she has subconsciously trigger a hidden psychic ability to view  into another world or dimension.

If so, think about the infinitude number of world and dimension we have explored solely by just the power of imagination!

This is best quoted by episode 18 of the Justice League: Legends, when at the john jones the martian manhunter said to Green Lantern

"Perhaps the Creator the of those comic have a subconscious link to this world, what they thought was merely an imagination was actually a psychic memory of the Justice Guide real exploit"

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