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God is Infinite
God is Nothing
God is Everything

This is the First trinity.

God is the Divine Masculine, which It hold and represent all Infinite forms of Matter.
God is the Divine Feminine, which It hold and represent all Infinite forms of Spirit.
God is the Void, which It  hold and represent the Infinity of everything and experiences and be everything, without judgement or expectations for It is the Good, the Evil and everything in-between.

This the Second trinity.

The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine fuse their energies together and spawn Forth Creation, bringing forth different aspects of God into existence, both in forms of matter and spirit.

A Unity in Balance.

Which creates the Realm of Divine Beings and the Realm of Primal Gods and Primal Lands, which create all possible forms of Experiential Reality, The Omega Multiverse , which God as Infinite and Everything choose to manifest itself as Everything and Anything.

This is the Third Trinity.

Lastly the Omega Multiverse where all possible beings have or could have live experience life as themselves or ourselves is, where all possible imaginary worlds, all possible Laws that govern it, and all possible choices that everyone has or had made have been made have already been manifested since the beginning of space and time.

At the Core of Everyone and Anyone soul lies the Divine Spark their Truly True-self.
The Divine Spark which is Infinite Pure Love and Divine, free of Ego, void of all judgement and expectations.
The Divine Spark which made everyone, anyone and everything equal Always.


Here to appreciate your Art and empowering you with more motivation
Hi All as you might have guess, I not really an artist to begin with. Not been able to draw, pains me, since I do really love dragon , wolf and anthros.

So to express my Creative, I went crawling around the internet(Well Mostly in dev art) Finding any Artist wishing to do an adoption(Character, Egg and etc...). I Love Egg adoption mostly really cause it brings surprises when it hatch. Well you could say it like buying up Awesome artworks, where artist do most of the work and I just waving points and Cashes around them.

Sidetrack a-bit (Note to all Artist out there : Awesomeness and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just believe what you produces are beautiful and awesome in every-way because you draw them.)

So.... back to topic

After adopting I usually go around crawling the Web again, but this time I am finding Skillful artists with open commission slots and ask them to bring the adopts I acquire to life in their own style. While not forgetting to give credits to the original artist who I adopted the artwork from.

So what will i do after this?

Well this is where my fantasy come into play. To Create a dragon army.
I have always imagine a place far away, where Dragons come Together from all places to fulfill their true purpose in Unity.
A purpose in Unity : To assist in the defences of all Divine's creation against the forces of force of evil.

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